The booming rock of Melbourne’s Gold Class give us today’s #onegoodthing.

Channeling the darkly desires of Joy Division to create a sound akin to early Editors, as Life As A Gun evolves, Gold Class display a Maccabees-esque knack for a pop-tinged bridge.

This track comes from the band’s It’s You album, which is more of the same intoxicating mix of post-punk angles and dark rock, and is released digitally and on CD this fine day.


Arctic Monkeys-influenced lo-fi, punk-tinged rock is the order of the day today, straight outta, erm… Ascot.

While the Surrey town might not be renowned as a hotbed of rock’n’roll activity, we’ve all got to start somewhere, and Jetti have displayed plenty of promise with their early offerings.

Managing to channel early Kooks catchiness (without wanting to punch them in the face) on The Beach, the band’s aforementioned nod to the Arctics is best heard on Lazy, which whizzes by in just over two minutes and leaves you wanting more and ready to pogo around your living room.


Sister Wanzala are a trio of London brothers whose debut track is a shimmering, simmering slice of blissed out funk.

Shy Heat / Heaven channels a Theme Park-esque chilled-out dance vibe, but these boys steer their sound towards a funkier, soulful feel.

They’ve tagged the tune as ‘Cold Funk’ and, as descriptions go, I can’t do better than that.

This is a group that is definitely one to watch.


Those cheeky, affable Spanish senoritas Hinds return to these pages with their charmingly ramshackle garage-rock brilliance in full evidence on new track Chili Town.

Beginning with those trademark laconic vocals, it’s a slower-paced journey than we’ve become accustomed to with the band, but it still perfectly encapsulates their infectious charm and ability to pen a catchy, jangly tune.

I don’t think there’s another band out there at the moment that you’d want to go on a ‘lost’ weekend with – they’re clearly an absolute blast.

Incidentally, the track will feature on their forthcoming debut album – The Very Best of Hinds so far.


Somehow managing to sound more AND less like The Beatles at the same time, today’s #onegoodthing marks the second appearance of new faves The Foetals.

There’s an even more definite Fab Four vocal vibe to proceedings on Malted, but it’s embellished by a fuzzier guitar sound above the backing “la la”s compared to previous track Fine.

With The Pink Teens seemingly on hiatus, here’s hoping there’s something fuller coming from The Foetals soon – these first two tunes are bristling with promise.


Comprising members from some of Dublin and Belfast’s indie great and good, Cruising have contrived to deliver my biggest earworm of recent months.

Woman is the poppiest track on the band’s recent eponymous EP and eschews the denser, darker sludgy sounds on the rest of the collection for something that – at times – brings to mind Siouxsie Sioux & The Banshees if they traded their punk stylings for something more psych-inflected.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and this tune is showing no sign at all of leaving my brain.