The more observant follower of the blog (singular is probably pretty accurate, in truth…) will have spotted that Detroit’s Protomartyr are a long-term favourite and, if you’re good at maths, would have put two and two together to see just why today’s #onegoodthing from Institute is ticking all kinds of boxes.

Out on Sacred Bones Records, the Austin punks release Perpetual Ebb, a fairly dense, but melodic track that delivers a straight-up, balls-to-the-wall tune, combining deep vocals and a shimmering riff.


Layering shoegaze vibes over a sharp, punk sound, today’s #onegoodthing is Thousand Pounds by Vancouver’s Weed.

Big bombast is married with slower creeps throughout, creating an intoxicating concoction of drone-like punk and shoegaze.

The song features on their recent album Running Back, out on Lefse Records, which carries on this excellent start.


Today’s #onegoodthing is a short burst of lo-fi, gloom-tinged indie from Oakland’s Toner.

That’s Fine has hints of bedroom-pop, married with a slightly spikier, punky indie sound that harkens ever-so-slightly to the more upbeat offerings of Badly Drawn Boy’s ramshackle indie (see Everybody’s Stalking, mainly).

The track comes from their debut release which is out in May.


It’s a change of pace for today’s #onegoodthing, with the dream-pop sounds of Portland’s Appendixes.

Offering up low-key atmospherics wrapped in a pared-back mesh of guitars, drums and organs, the band’s Everyday Use EP transports you to an otherworldly state – with Beth Ann Morgan’s vocals adding an intoxicating flavour to a potent mix.


The vibrant, bolt-from-the-blue immediacy of a début release such as Sheer Mag‘s 7″ last year brings with it an interesting conundrum – will any follow-up suffer as that element of surprise has gone? Akin to the uniqueness of Brittany Howard’s voice as she fronts Alabama Shakes, Sheer Mag’s frontwoman Christina Halliday’s vocals are like another instrument, and I’m happy to report that the appeal remains unabated.

The major difference this time is the fact these four tracks lack the spiky, punky edge of their previous release; instead, these four – led by Fan The Flames – have a more traditional American rock-led sound, but the catchiness of the hooks is unaffected.

All in, it’s another fine effort from one of the hype bands of 2015.


No-nonsense, riff-tastic booming garage-punk from Boston is what you’ve got for today’s #onegoodthing, and it comes from Nice Guys. Whose music, quite frankly, doesn’t really go with their name…

Sidewalk is a rollicking, rip-snorter of a track that is a visceral, vital, violent aural assault – all in a good way.


I run the risk of sounding like a broken record, but when something’s so consistently good, why not harp on about it? With that in mind, it’s yet another brilliant track from the Art Is Hard family for today’s #onegoodthing.

This latest pick is Normcore Girlfriend by Manchester’s Fruit Bomb that feels more like a Stateside take on fuzzy, fizzing lo-fi indie.

Irrespective of that, it’s a tune that has been a go-to in recent weeks and features on the largely excellent Family Portrait pt II album.


Not content with performing one of the best gigs I saw last year (or many year, for that matter), Detroit’s Protomartyr return with a blistering barn-stormer in the shape of Blues Festival.

Featuring the mighty Kelley Deal (whose band R. Ring provide the song on the other side of this split out on Hardly Art Records), it shows a progression for Protomartyr, maintaining Joe Casey’s couldn’t-give-a-fuck vocals, but with added layers to the guitars that propel this right to the top of their burgeoning canon.

Turn it up, LOUD.

(Thanks to Stereogum for bringing this to my attention.)


Don’t you just love it when a song prickles your consciousness and you can’t operate unless you hear at least twice an hour? Well, that’s exactly what today’s #onegoodthing has managed for the past few weeks.

Northampton trio Broadbay suggest fans of Yuck, Dinosaur Jr and Cloud Nothings should take note of their music and, quite frankly, I’m not going to argue; their sun-inflected mesh of grunge and alt-rock is best showcased in the infectious EW, which is a crunching, made-for-summer composition.


Today’s #onegoodthing has been a constant go-to for the past few months and the laconic, surf-pop of Daddy IssuesSo Hard is just so nagging that I can’t see my finger moving anywhere away from the repeat button.

There’s a great blend of sweet girl-group vocals with a breezy take on surf-pop that – on this track at least – simmers perfectly just below punk, homing instead on the band’s untouchable pop sesnsibilities.