Channeling a laconic Madchester vibe with a nod to the same 90’s sounds as early releases from Swim Deep, Sheffield four-piece Best Friends deliver an exhilarating cut with today’s #onegoodthing.

Cold Shapes creeps to a crescendo of sun-kissed guitars and ecstatic “oohs”, juxtaposing nicely with the drawled vocals and pared-back guitars that precede it.

As a pre-cursor to their upcoming debut full-length release, it’s the perfect scene setter.


With janglin’ guitars atop and a yearning vocal harking back to the cream of 60’s guitar-pop, today’s #onegoodthing should be filed alongside the recently featured (and equally brilliant) offering from The Foetals.

Today’s comes courtesy of The Cairo Gang, with its ever-changing supporting cast to leader Emmett Kelly.

Be What You Are is not so much a nod, as a full-blown headbutt in the direction of the likes of Buffalo Springfield and The Zombies, but this 21st century tweak on a classic sound still comes across as fresh.


Bratty punk with a sprinkling of pop added to the mix makes today’s #onegoodthing an intoxicating, catchy concoction.

Constellation by Philly band Telepathic has buzzing guitars and a frantic beat that belie the slightly apocalyptic tone of lyrics such as “Our time is slipping through my hands/Our time is passing me by”.

There’s a rawness and roughness that just adds to the appeal of a track that positively whizzes by in two and a half minutes.


Blowing away those Monday cobwebs is today’s #onegoodthing – the clattering Heathen pt.2 from Ghost Foot.

The Louisiana band released the Vulture EP in April and the initial slow-fast combo at the start of this track soon makes way for a mid-era BRMC-influenced crash of drums and scuzzy guitars.

The opening’s slightly countrified lilt merges into a heavier sound that then really ramps it up to bring in the big guns to blow you away.


Montreal’s Beat Cops have graced these pages before with their opening salvo, but they’ve returned with a full-length offering, and it’s from that we get today’s #onegoodthing.

Much like the rest of the LP, Javitz is a torrent of overblown, ramped-up rock with its roots in the Seventies, featuring near-howling vocals and a wig-out that wouldn’t be out of place at a Deep Purple gig.

There’s much more than homage or pastiche here, though, as a lot of the songs are surprisingly lean – packing in a whole lotta punch in a short space of time.