In their previous life as punk rockers Grown-Ups, Josiah and Sarah Hughes created a jagged racket that got the thumbs-up from this tiny corner of the web, and it’s great to see (hear) that they’re now back as Pre Nup.

The husband and wife duo maintain a level of freneticism, but the jangly garage-rock is now more akin to the likes of Harlem than the harsher sound of their previous band.

Wrong Your is catchy as hell and a great re-introduction to the music world, whetting the appetite for more from the impending June EP.


Having previously gotten a nod on these pages in his former life as a member of Omi Palone, Philip Serafty now goes under the moniker Oslo House.

Today’s #onegoodthing is Plateau; a tune that is full of furrowed brows and forlorn sounds, delicately constructed atop a shimmering guitar and drums that are caressed as opposed to crashed.

Out on the Trendy Feelings label, it’s a hazy beaut that has also had the unintentional effect of reminding me of a song that I can’t quite place. Any help on that front, greatly appreciated.


Jaunty and jangly, Melbourne band Terry provide the rambling, ramshackle soundtrack for this fair Friday.

8 Girls is the title track from their recently-released EP – out on Aarght Records – and it sees them deliver a driving country riff that merges into a psychedelic garage-pop beaut with a nagging beat that – if you’re lucky – will be lodged in your head for as long as it has been mine.



Delivering pop that’s fuzzed up around the edges, Growl‘s Won’t You will have you tapping your toes for the rest of the day.

The Austin, Texas four-piece are a vibrant ball of energy, using garage-rock as their template, but not afraid to embrace the more fun and more pop elements to add even more charm to the at times ramshackle sound.


Snotty, bratty, pin-sharp punk is the order of the day today, courtesy of VAN-ILLA.

The Cardiff-based trio unveiled debut EP Scoop at the end of last month, with I’m A Gangster (Part Time) proving a particular highlight, channelling The Cribs’ brand of pop-punk.

While the rest of the EP is more angsty, there’s a maturer sound on this track that underlines the band is not a one-trick pony.


Combining crunching grunge and swirling shoegaze, Burden You – from Arbor, Michigan’s Pity Sex – is today’s #onegoodthing.

The band manage to add a breezy poppiness to the mix, too, yet there’s no sense of throwing too much into the melting pot, the lightness of the pop elements complementing the heavier side of their sound to create a potent offering.


Marking their impending follow-up to 2012’s excellent Persistent Malaise, Cold Pumas‘ A Change Of Course is today’s #onegoodthing.

The Brighton band may have been away for the best part of four years, but that time away hasn’t dimmed their eye for stark, yet melodic post-punk.

A Change Of Course might mark the band’s most Joy Division moment yet, but it is still fresh; an airy, almost pastoral, take on their trademark motorik sound.