Mysterious North Londoners FISH may have only one track available online at present, but it’s a woozy, suffocating treat.

Wished – which belies its status as a home demo – is ghoulsome grunge-tinted dreampop; intoxicating and stifling in equal measure.

The four-piece expertly keep things dialled down to increase the impact of their sound and making it easy to see (hear) why they’re marked as one of the most anticipated acts around.


What a glorious way to start the week.

The woozy alt-rock of Jay Som is sure to get you off on the right footing – with I Think You’re Alright‘s soft, considered vibe making it ripe for a college-based movie soundtrack. That sense is further heightened by the buzzing, fuzzy guitar solo at the song’s flourish; you can picture a movie’s protagonist disappearing into the distance as the credits roll and the song’s crescendo play over it.

To create such a cinematic atmosphere informed by a lo-fi sound really marks out Jay Som as one to keep an eye on and eagerly anticipate any new material.


They may have (wisely, all told) changed their name, but that hasn’t stopped Preoccupations from maintaining – and honing – their sound.

The second single from their sophomore album – due out in September – Degraded builds in increments at the start, before the buzzsaw guitars and scattergun drums kick in to create a track that is simultaneously dark, but dancey.

Preoccupations are also a spellbinding live act, so after a couple of US West Coast shows in August, I’d recommend checking them out on their autumn (or fall, if you’re that way inclined) tour.


Having caught the spellbinding alt-pop of Liverpool-based Her’s at last week’s Trudy & The Romance gig, it was always likely they’d soon be gracing these pages.

The duo mix the otherworldly with a smooth 80’s pop sound that sounds familiar and accessible, yet totally esoteric all at once.

What Once Was is lilting lullaby on record, belying the fact it’s one bass, one guitar and a drum machine. However, it’s on the stage that the pair really come into their own and create a sound that’s larger than the sum of their parts.


With softly fuzzed-up edges and a smooth alt-rock vibe, Sat. Nite Duets‘ TAFKA Salieri is today’s #onegoodthing.

The Milwaukee act’s album is out in September on Father/Daughter Records and, while the other track from the album that is available at the moment, St. Yuppie, is more whimsical with a throwaway feel to it, TAFKA Salieri is a driving romp of guitars and joyously simplistic synths and a primer ahead of the full-length release in a couple of months.