The soft indie-pop of The Debutantes’ Gentleman’s Wash is today’s #onegoodthing.

Released last autumn on the consistently-excellent Soft Power Records, the guitar-driven sound is pitched somewhere near Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian, but neither as twee or as grand – and better off for it.

It’s simply lush.


Garage-rock from Californians Spaceships gives us today’s #onegoodthing.

Washed Out has a 60s girl-group vibe almost hidden by the lo-fi garage sound that dominates, but when it comes to the fore it creates a nice juxtaposition.

Featured on the self-titled EP released last year, opening track Good Gradez is also a cracker.


Today’s #onegoodthing is simply a slice of good-time rock ‘n’ roll to end the week.

Uncomplicated, at times frantic, Heeby Jeebies by Isaac Rother & The Phantoms – out on Mock Records – is steeped in bluesy, psych-tinted 60’s rock and will surely put even the darkest soul in a good mood.


Psych-inflected rock from Santiago, Chile is the order of the day for today’s #onegoodthing.

The Red Belmont wouldn’t sound out of place at the Liverpool Psych Fest (or any other psych fest, for that matter), adding layers of spaced-out fuzz to a mesh of psych and shoegaze.

Their simply-titled EP has a couple of highlights, but getting the nod today is Reminiscence.


Scuzzed up, fuzzed up and amped up, today’s #onegoodthing is nothing short of a rollicking good time.

What Tyrants deliver a deep slice of frenetic, energetic garage-rock on Hanging Out In Havana that should get toes and fingers tapping, as well as that heart-rate soaring.

It’s high-octane punked-up rock at its best.


Rhode Island’s Working create a mesh of jangly, reverby, noise-pop that results in a textured trio of tracks on their More Weight EP.

It’s a tough call to pick out one, and even tougher to pick between the tracks that top and tail the release, but it’s opener Can’t Wait For Summer that gets the nod as today’s #onegoodthing.

Starting off slow, it blossoms into a slice of glorious C86-influenced indie-pop… and it’s definitely given me a hankering for the sunshine.



Taut, angular post-punk courtesy of Sydney, Australia’s Mere Women gives us today’s #onegoodthing.

Home is the opening track from last year’s album Your Town, and is a hell of a statement for what is a stand-out album from 2014.

As a fully signed-up fan to Londoners Shopping, it should come as no surprise that Mere Women are ticking all and every box.