Sometimes, combining two really good things doesn’t end well (like that After Eight toastie I tried once. Or Bowie and Jagger on Dancing In The Street), however Messrs Hoare and Cooper – from Veronica Falls and Mazes respectively – have successfully bucked that trend on this glorious track as Ultimate Painting.

Winter In Your Heart is a beautiful, pared-back slice of psych-pop, rolling along on Buffalo Springfield-y guitars, with plenty of jangle and lush vocals.


Boston’s Orca Orca give us today’s #onegoodthing, with the lush dreampop of OK, Lost.

It’s a sparse, hazy tune, understated in vocals and the backing track, which combines to present a more autumnal feel to it, not bouncy enough to transport you to summer, but lacking the coldness to depict a winter sunset.

Basically, it’s got “September” written all over it…


I always feel like I owe an apology to Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes as they represent something of a black spot in my musical memory. I simply keep forgetting how good they are.

An Animal, from their 2014 fourth album, is a fuzzbomb of a track that rattles your bones and shakes your soul – and refusing to relent along the way.

In the year of the two-piece, it’d be good to see these two get some more – deserved – acclaim…