Calgary’s Faux Fur give us today’s #onegoodthing, with this slice of pop-infused post-punk.

Rough Palms rolls along like the work of fellow Canadians Viet Cong, but there’s less of the Joy Division darkness and angles on show here, with a more straightforward approach to the genre.

There are some fits and starts in the second half that could jar, but the band just pull it off.


They say first impressions can be deceptive and I certainly didn’t hold out much hope for a song title Heart Full Of Beef, but my fears were allayed on this track from Daisy Victoria.

With psych and shoegazey leanings and a booming vocal, the track grabs you by the throat after its spiky and almost innocuous intro and never lets go.

If you’re looking for a touchpoint, think the midpoint between Savages and The Duke Spirit.


Richard Hawley meets Johnny Cash in today’s #onegoodthing, which comes courtesy of Mikey Georgeson & The Civilised Scene.

Curtains Of Zagra is an indie-folk epic that also has echoes of a lightened up Nick Cave that rolls and rumbles along a catchy menagerie of guitars, horns and piano with a story that is the midpoint between the mystical mind of Cave and the rural and real ruminations of Hawley.


Don’t you just love it when a song that you had completely forgotten about surreptitiously slips back into your consciousness?

And that’s precisely what happened with Boy, Look At What You Can’t Have Now by Darren Hayman and Emma Kupa.

It’s a gorgeous blend of indie, folk and twee-pop; imagine a harder edged Camera Obscura or Belle & Sebastian with less liberal use of strings.