Something of a departure, today’s #onegoodthing is the self-proclaimed ‘sasscore’ of F A L L S.

It’s a mesh of hardcore and more mainstream influences, adding a whole shitheap of grit onto the likes of Queens of the Stone Age at their most rip-roaring.

Not for the faint-hearted, don’t be surprised to be lulled into a false sense of security by the opening 30-odd seconds.

Thanks to Lucy B from the righteous Bad Grammar for alerting me to this.


The first volume of the Beech Coma collection was a firm favourite on these pages (and this page) earlier this year, and the first signs are that the second instalment is also going to get plenty of repeat plays.

Vol II features a raft of new, fairly unheralded bands and the first track available is this beaut from Hella Better Dancer.

Like A Child is a summery swirl of edgy guitars and late-night vibes and promises plenty from the band and the rest of the collection.


Today’s #onegoodthing is the indie synth-pop of Allison Crutchfield‘s solo effort Lean In To It.

The EP is a step away from the often raucous rock of Crutchfield’s band Swearin’ (featured previously on these fair pages), yet inhabits a similar sort of lo-fi sparseness, simply replacing the crashing drums and driving guitars with a soft synth sound.

Don’t be put off by the departure of the sound your used to from Crutchfield via Swearin’, this is definitely a grower.


The garagey punk-rock of (How Hard) Losing You from Viscous Brothers is today’s #onegoodthing – it may be five years old, but it still sounds fresh.

It’s a rollicking rumpus of a track, with booming drums, barely legible lyrics and some righteous riffage.

Tune in and fuzz out, gang.